What do customers value most in a gym?

Jan 19, 2023 | Sports centre customer management

The customers of a sports centre are the most important part of the business – we know that! If we could know what makes them happy, we could offer a better service. And that’s precisely what we’re going to talk about, we’re going to explain point by point the aspects that users value most.

Knowing customers’ preferences: the secret of success

Fitness or fitness? It’s not an exam question, it’s a rhetorical irony to define the subject right from the start. Keep in mind that the anglicism of origin does not have a word in Spanish that translates and relates exactly the same. Fitnes, already accepted by the RAE, depending on the context, is used to define “physical exercise”, “good shape” or “healthy”. Fitness, on the other hand, is a foreign word that is usually used to refer to a person’s physical condition. There is no such thing as a “fitness person”, only a “fit person”.

The difference is well known by the director of a gym or a paddle club and any manager of a large sports centre. All of them are fitness professionals. Although they know their profession well, most of them do not know whether new customers really know what sport is all about. Let’s emphasise a quality maxim: beginners should not just join a gym, but should know from the outset that they need to adapt to a series of activities. From there, it is essential to know their preferences in order to improve the attention and services.

Why should this be the case? Simple: so that both parties achieve the desired goals. These are win-win fitness strategies. Clients should start their sporting activity aware of where they are starting from and what they are doing it for. And the professionals to be able to train them properly, creating good habits from the very first moment.


The 3 things that users of a sports centre value the most

Despite face masks, hydroalcoholic gel and the fear of viruses, the fitness industry continues to expand. After all, we are not only talking about sport, but also about health. However, the level of competition is as high, or perhaps higher, than it was before the pandemic. And moving forward requires innovation and knowledge. This requires a clear vision of the business and, at the same time, advanced customisation of services that allows us to stay one step ahead of our rivals.

There are many variables to take into account: the facilities, the cleanliness, the monitors… But now it’s our turn to strengthen our clientele, thinking above all of those who have already signed up for our box. Let’s take a look at a prestigious global report by Les Mills, which analyses current trends in the sector and the keys to the future. A study in which 12,157 consumers participated worldwide and which provides valuable data on their habits and perceptions.

The main conclusion is clear: more than half of those surveyed say that during the year they will prioritise their efforts to improve their physical and mental well-being. Sport as a goal and the gym as the perfect place to get fit.

When deciding on the ideal centre, three factors are most important:

1. The quality of the instructor (28%)

2. The music (24%)

3. The classes (22%)

The human factor is a key factor in the degree of customer satisfaction in a gym. And along with this, advice on the personalised combination of exercises. In the digital age, omnichannel fitness is also highly valued, as it allows for a combination of live and online training.

Three key aspects that improve fitness. This is the opinion of 6 out of 10 customers. They say they are motivated by a range of quality classes and it encourages them to increase their commitment to attending the gym. In fact, one of the best management tips is to know that group fitness classes with music are the main reference for users (29%). The second value is the incentive of cardio machines (28%) and the third interest is weight training (26%).

Social connection is another basic element of satisfaction. It provides a lower perception of effort when sharing exercises. Still, for 59% of users, the best experience is the mixed experience: working out at the gym and also at home. But beware: the same percentage of users say they would probably unsubscribe if their favourite classes were eliminated.

Your value proposition, the key to attracting more customers to your gym


Now that you know what factors customers value most in a gym, you can create a value proposition that responds to your customers’ search. The value proposition of a gym is key to differentiate yourself from your competition and focus all your actions. But not only that, it will also help you reach your ideal customer, attracting many more customers to your gym.

Therefore, knowing what customers value in a gym is crucial in order to establish the right acquisition strategy. If you are looking for how to create an acquisition strategy for your fitness centre and don’t know where to start, click on the image below and download our free Gym Customer Acquisition Guide.


In short, customer feedback is vital for the development of your business. Always take into account their preferences to satisfy them with personalised activities and services that make them feel better.

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