Guide to measuring user satisfaction_Resasports

Guide to measuring user satisfaction in a sports centre

Find out how to keep your users motivated, learn how to measure their level of satisfaction with the club and design concrete actions and strategies to help you improve their experience.


Guide to create an effective user loyalty plan in their first 60 days of enrolment in your sports centre

Are you worried about the drop-out rate in your sports centre? User loyalty is key. In this manual, you will discover how to create an effective loyalty plan that will help you retain your users in the first 60 days of registration.

Marketing plan sports centre

Marketing plan for a sports center

Are you looking to take your sports center to the next level and attract more customers? A well-crafted marketing plan is the key to achieving that. Discover how to create an effective strategy to promote your center and grow your customer base.

Guide to attract new clients to your sports centre

Guide to attract new clients to your sports centre

Attracting customers to your sports centre is not always easy. That’s why in this guide you will find strategies and tools to develop an acquisition plan for your sports centre.

improve user retention sports centre

Guide to Improving Customer Retention in your sports centre

To improve your retention rate, there is nothing better than a loyalty programme. In this ebook, you will find the fundamental keys to create a loyalty plan that will help you improve your retention rate.