7 foolproof strategies to attract customers to your sports club

Jan 15, 2024 | Marketing sports centres

In the competitive world of sports clubs and gyms, attracting and retaining customers has become a challenge. This requires not only dedication, but also a combination of innovative and well-planned strategies.

Effective customer acquisition involves not only generating leads, but converting them into engaged customers. If you’re looking to attract customers to your sports centre, take a look at these 7 key strategies!

7 foolproof strategies infalibles to attract customers to your sports club

1. Offer free trial classes

Inviting potential customers to try your classes for free before signing up eliminates the significant barrier of unfamiliarity and fear. 

Beyond merely providing a trial session and welcoming them, engage in conversations and highlight the strengths of your center. Also, emphasize the added value your club brings, ranging from complementary services to exclusive discounts and events. Additionally, underscore the sense of community and belonging, emphasizing the atmosphere within the sports club.

Example: Organize an event called “Free Class Week” where new customers can enroll in a different class each day of the week. Furthermore, offer special discounts on memberships for those who sign up at the end of the week.

 2. Referral programs

Motivating your existing customers to act as promoters for your sports club is one of the most powerful tools you have. And you might not even know it.

Implement a rewards program that offers benefits to those who bring in new customers. These benefits could include discounts on memberships (the most common and appealing), free sessions in complementary services, or a complimentary nutrition plan, for instance..

The more recommendations you make and the more new users you bring to the center, the greater the rewards. With this, you not only encourage user loyalty but also create a stronger sense of community.

Example: Launch a referral program called “Fit Friends.” For every friend who joins the sports club, the existing user receives a free class. And, if they manage to bring in five friends, they get a month for free.

 3. Have pressence in social media

Social media is vital in the era we live in.

Analyze which platforms most of your target audience is on and develop a content strategy that is relevant to them. This content should not be limited to promoting your services. You have to go a step further and share success stories from customers, give sports tips and advice, post videos announcing a new class, special promotions, and more.

Complement your presence on social media with other online marketing strategies. By investing in ads on social media and Google Ads, you maximize the visibility of your sports club and ensure reaching the widest possible audience.

Example: Post short videos on Instagram showcasing brief exercise routines and nutrition tips. Additionally, you can use ads to promote exclusive offers for new members.How? Take a look at this article: 7 steps to create your gym’s Instagram strategy.

 4. Organise different events to attract customers to your sports centre

You should never forget that fostering excitement and connection in your sports club is essential for attracting new customers.

Design unique experiences by organizing special events, challenges, and sports competitions. This way, you not only add extra value to your current customers but also catch the attention of new ones.

Example: Welcome the new year with the “Renewal 2024 Fitness Challenge.” Design an 8-week program focusing on comprehensive renewal. With weekly goals centered on cardio, strength, and mental well-being, this challenge provides your users with a unique opportunity to start the year on the right foot..

Promote this challenge on your social media, and word of mouth will do the rest. With the new year, many people make exercising a resolution. So, it’s the perfect time to design a visibility strategy based on the New Year’s challenge.

 5. Collaborate with local business

Collaborating with local businesses can be beneficial for both your sports club and the associated enterprises. Remember, it’s not about collaborating with just anyone; you should analyze and identify businesses that offer services or products that complement your center. These could include sports apparel stores, nutritionists, physioe otros.

Offer mutual discounts or joint promotions to attract customers from both sides. This strategy not only expands your reach but also connects you with people that may not have considered joining your sports club before.

Example: If there’s a nearby sports apparel store, talk to them and design an exclusive promotion for your club’s customers. For instance, offer new users an exclusive discount on sports items when they join the center. This benefits both your club and the store, creating a sense of community that extends beyond the sports club itself.

 6. Make the most of reviews

The success stories of your customers are the key to conveying confidence and positioning your club as a reference. Harness the power of social media and publish interviews or reviews from your users. In these, you should highlight how your sports club has positively influenced their lives and helped them achieve their goals.

How can you obtain this reviews? Encourage your customers by offering extra discounts or gifts, thus creating an emotional connection with potential new users seeking similar results.

Example: The case of a customer who lost weight thanks to the training programs and nutritional guidance from the center would be very interesting. This way, you position your club as a reference for potential new customers looking for the same but may not know where to start.

 7. Loyalty programs

Fostering loyalty among your existing customers is as important as having a good acquisition strategy. Loyalty is essential for the long-term success of your sports club.

Implement loyalty programs that reward customers for their ongoing commitment. This strategy will not only retain your existing customers but also attract new users interested in taking advantage of these exclusive offers.

Example: You can launch a loyalty program called “Lifetime Partners.” Offer progressive discounts as customers accumulate time at the club. For example, a 10% discount after 6 months, 15% for attending 30 classes, or 20% after a year.

*A key factor in increasing loyalty in your centre is the customer service you offer. This article is of interest to you: How to improve gym customer service.


These are just 7 strategies out of the thousands available. Regardless of the one you choose, the important thing is to ensure that they are effective strategies for attracting clients to your sports club. Not all strategies are suitable, and some may have the opposite effect.

With the strategies we’ve discussed, you increase the loyalty of your existing customers while helping to acquire new ones.

And if you don’t know how to start your acquisition strategy, let us tell you that at Resasports, we are experts in taking sports centres to the next level. Want to know everything we can do for you? Book a free demo now!

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