How to recruit members for a sports centre

There are many challenges involved in running a sports centre, and one of the most important is membership recruitment. Attracting new members is essential to maintain the financial viability and long-term success of any sports club.

In this article, we look at what it takes to recruit members in a sports centre and give you four effective strategies to get new members. Let’s get to it!

What is membership recruitment in a sports centre?

Membership recruitment in a sports centre refers to the process of attracting people interested in the activities and services offered by your club so that, sooner or later, they will become new members.

But before considering a strategy to increase membership, it is important to understand what they are looking for. Users are looking for a complete experience that combines a variety of activities, quality facilities and services, flexible opening hours and a sense of belonging.

If your sports centre meets these expectations, you are ready to take the next step and design your user acquisition strategy.

How to recruit members for a sports centre? 4 strategies


1. Member for a day

What does it involve? The “member for a day” strategy is an effective way to give potential new members the opportunity to experience first-hand what your sports centre has to offer.

During this special event, they can join the centre for a day, access all the facilities, participate in classes and activities, and experience the atmosphere and community of the centre without obligation.

Benefits of this strategy:

  • Allows potential members to experience the user experience and the environment of the centre before committing themselves.
  • Reduces the uncertainty and risks associated with a long-term subscription.


2. Local partnerships

What does it involve? Collaborate with other local businesses, such as sportswear shops or those that offer services that can be complementary to what you offer at your sports club. Offer exclusive discounts on your season tickets to customers of these businesses as part of a joint package.

Benefits of this strategy:

  • Broaden your reach and visibility by connecting with other local business networks.
  • Provide additional value to your existing members by offering exclusive discounts at partner companies.
  • Attracts new members who might be interested in joining because of joint offers.
  • Fosters a sense of local community and mutual support.


3. Sports night experience

What does it consist of? Organise a special night (it could be called something like “Club Night”) where the sports centre’s facilities are turned into a night-time sports experience with special lighting, live music and unique activities such as zumba under the stars or night basketball games.

Benefits of this strategy:

  • Creates a unique and exciting experience that attracts the attention and interest of new partners.
  • Allows attendees to try out different activities and classes in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
  • Strengthens the sense of community and belonging among current members and guests.
  • Generate visual content and experiences to share on social media, increasing the visibility of your sports centre.


4. Reward programmes

What does it do? Create a rewards programme based on members’ achievements. Set achievable goals, such as completing a certain number of classes, reaching a weight loss goal or improving in a specific skill.

As members reach these milestones, offer them exclusive rewards, such as membership discounts, club merchandise or free sessions with personal trainers.

Benefits of this strategy:

  • Fosters member motivation and commitment by setting clear goals and providing incentives to achieve them.
  • Creates a sense of community among the members.
  • Increases member retention by keeping them engaged and excited to achieve new accomplishments.

In conclusion, membership recruitment is a vital factor for the long-term success of a sports centre. With effective strategies you can attract and retain a strong base of committed members. Remember that every experience counts and the satisfaction of your members should be your priority at all times.

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