How to manage your sports centre effectively?

Mar 25, 2024 | Sports management

Effectively managing a sports centre is a challenge that requires a global vision ranging from understanding the market to focusing on user satisfaction.

Every aspect of managing a sports centre plays a crucial role in its success. In this article we will look at how to implement 7 strategies to effectively manage your sports centre. 

How to manage your sports centre effectively?

 1. Know your users

To effectively manage your sports centre, it is essential to understand your users. Conduct market research and analyse your statistics to identify their preferences, needs and expectations. What sports do they prefer? What time do they come to the centre most often? Which activities or classes are always full? Use this information to tailor your services and programmes to meet the demands of your users.

The success of a sports centre lies in giving users what they want. Do you really know what they value most? We tell you in this article: What do users look for in a sports centre?

Resasports tips:

    • Conduct regular surveys among your users to collect feedback and suggestions.
    • Analyse the data to segment your users and offer customised programmes.
    • Observe market trends and popular activities in your area to adjust your offer as needed.

Practical example: If you find that there is a growing demand for yoga classes, you might consider adding an extra yoga class in the mornings and see how it works.

 2. Use a management software

An effective management system is essential to maintain day-to-day order and improve the overall efficiency of your sports centre.

With Resasports you can manage bookings, track users, schedule classes and manage access to facilities, among other functions. An efficient management system allows you to optimise your resources and offer a smooth experience to your users.

Resasports tips:

    • Book a free demo and discover all that Resasports can do for you, adapting to the specific needs of your sports centre.
    • Train your team so that they know how to manage the programme and how to resolve any questions or doubts your users may have.
    • Once you have the system set up, communicate the change to your users. Explain the basics so they can start booking and paying through the app, for example.

 3. Have a competent team

Your team is the visible face of your sports centre. Hire competent staff who are passionate about fitness, a basic requirement for working in a sports club. Make sure they have continuous training to be able to offer a quality service to users and solve all their doubts or problems.

It is also very important that you foster a collaborative and motivating work environment that boosts productivity and job satisfaction.

Resasports tips:

    • Prepare well job interviews, assess not only technical or academic knowledge but also personal skills and attitude. After all, they will be in contact with users all day long, they are the visible face of the centre.
    • Train your team on customer service, training techniques and centre policies and procedures, among other things.
    • Recognise and reward work and effort to encourage team motivation and commitment.

Practical example: If you have a personal trainer who stands out for his or her good attitude and proactivity, you could assign new users or those who need an extra push to reach their goals.

4. Offer varied and attractive programmes

Diversify your offer to appeal to a wide range of users. From yoga or pilates classes and personalised training to recreational activities and team sports, make sure you have options for all tastes and fitness levels. Keep your offer up to date by analysing current trends and thinking about whether they could be an opportunity to offer something new to your users.

Resasports tips:

    • Regularly analyse your offer to identify areas for improvement or new opportunities.
    • Collaborate with specialised trainers or external instructors to offer unique and high quality programmes.
    • Organise special events, such as themed workshops or challenges, to keep your users engaged and wanting to return.

Practical example: If you notice an increase in the popularity of functional training classes, you could expand your offer by adding more class times or hiring a new functional training instructor.

5. Promote your sports centre

An effective marketing strategy is key to attracting new users and building loyalty among existing users. Use a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies to increase the visibility of your sports centre. Have a social media presence, organise promotional events and collaborate with local businesses to expand your reach and attract new users.

Resasports tips: 

Practical example: Organise an open day where potential users can visit your centre, try out your facilities and participate in classes for free. In this way, they can feel like another user and you increase the chances of them signing up.

6. Prioritise user experience

From the moment a user walks through the door of your facility, their experience should be your top priority. Offer exceptional customer service, make sure your facilities are clean and well maintained, and constantly look for ways to improve the overall experience of your users. Listen to their feedback and tailor your approach to meet their needs and expectations.

Resasports tips: 

    • Train your staff in customer service so that they know how to guide users and resolve their questions quickly and effectively
    • Conduct regular surveys to measure user satisfaction and gather feedback and suggestions for improvement. Find out how to keep your users motivated, learn how to measure their level of satisfaction with your club and design specific actions and strategies to help you improve their experience with our Guide to measuring user satisfaction in a sports centre.
    • Implement a reward or incentive system to recognise and reward loyal and committed users.

Practical example: Offer a VIP membership that includes exclusive benefits, such as priority access to popular classes, discounts on additional products and services, and special member events.

7. Constantly analyse and adjustments

Effective management requires a proactive and responsive approach. Regularly analyse the performance of your sports centre, collect feedback from users and staff, and make the necessary changes to continuously improve.

Stay on top of market and industry trends, and adapt your strategy as needed to keep up with them and make your sports centre successful in the long term.

Resasports tips:

    • Define which KPIs are most important for your centre and monitor them regularly to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of your strategies.
    • Hold regular meetings with your team to review results, discuss areas for improvement and set future goals.
    • Keep an eye on the competition and see what they are doing well and how you could differentiate or improve.

Practical example: If you notice that attendance in certain classes is decreasing, you could survey your users to understand the reasons behind this situation and make data-driven changes.


Effectively managing your sports centre is a challenge, but with careful planning and a user-centred approach, you can offer a valuable service to your users and make your sports centre profitable in the long run. Work on these strategies and take your sports centre to the next level with Resasports!

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