How to automate and domotize your padel courts

Apr 17, 2023 | Sports management

Automating and domotizing your padel courts is possible. By doing so, you will increase your revenue, reduce management hours, and improve your users’ experience. Discover how to implement it.

Taking calls to book a padel court is a system that has become completely obsolete. For years, most padel clubs have used a management system that allows them to make reservations and manage their members.

However, the management of padel courts has taken a further turn in recent years with the arrival of automation.

What is padel court automation?

Through padel court automation, we can fully automate the club, saving costs, improving the user experience, and making ourselves more profitable. This transforms a padel court into an automatic court, so that it and all aspects related to it are managed automatically.

What are the benefits of automating your padel court?

The benefits of automating your padel court are many, and all of them have an impact on your revenue:

    1. Reduce daily management. Automation allows you to streamline the daily management of your padel club, both in reservations, payment and access to your club.
    2. Padel courts open 365 days a year 24/7. Automating your club will give your members the possibility to access the club without increasing customer service hours or reducing it to certain hours.
    3. Autonomous users. Forget about phone calls. Through the app, your users can buy their subscriptions and bonuses, reserve their courts, pay online to confirm the reservation, and open the doors to your courts. All without the need for you or your staff to intervene.
    4. Reduced energy consumption. Can automating a padel court help your club be greener? Absolutely! With the automation of court lights and ventilation systems in indoor courts, you will be able to reduce energy consumption, avoiding having empty courts with lights on, and saving costs significantly.
    5. More reservations during off-peak hours. If your padel courts are empty at certain times of the day, but you have so much demand at other times that you cannot respond to your users, automation can also help you cover those off-peak hours, increasing your reservations.
    6. Total control. The automation of padel courts gives you total control of your center, allowing you to see at all times who is there, at what times, and how they use your facilities.

How can I transform my padel court into an automatic one?

The system we propose from Resasports is extremely simple and the cost is practically zero. Just by having our access and management software that can be automated, you can create your automatic padel court.

Automating your padel court with Resasports will allow you to:

        • Streamline reservations with online bookings
        • Instant online payments to confirm reservations
        • Player registration for reservations
        • Door opening
        • Access control
        • Free app for your users.

The possibilities of Resasports are endless, adapting to each type of padel club and each way of managing it, with the club always deciding how to carry out this automation. These are the fundamental steps to carry out the automation of your padel courts;

1. Padel court reservations and online payment

The first step to making your padel court automatic will be to make it available to users online. This way, your users can reserve their courts through the app, your website, or the Resasports website. You can offer all your courts online, or only some, as well as the available slots and instant payment to confirm the reservation.


2. Access and lighting control

The next step in creating an automatic court will be to assign access and lighting control. Of course, before anything else, you will need to have access control on the courts, as well as a controller that allows you to open and close the doors and turn the lights on and off. We can provide you with this hardware, and its installation is very simple, any electrician can carry it out.

Once we have installed the hardware, it will only be necessary to assign the corresponding access to each court and lighting. In this step, we will also need to assign the access and exit margins, as well as the lighting on and off margins. In this way, your users will only be able to access the court within the margins that you have established, and provided that the reservation is confirmed. The same will happen with the lights.

For example, if a user has reserved at 7:00 PM, you can tell the system to open the doors 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after the reservation ends. Until then, access will be disabled.


3. Adding players

Something very common in padel clubs is that we want all players who attend a reservation to be listed. This way, everyone in the reservation can open the doors and pay their corresponding part of the reservation.

With Resasports, you have the option to configure your reservations to include adding players and splitting payments to enhance the experience for your users.





What is the user reservation process in an automated padel court?

    1. Download the free Resasports app, available on both Android and iPhone.
    2. Book your court and add players if required by the club.
    3. Make an online payment for the booking to confirm it.
    4. Open the door from your app. The lights will turn on automatically.

Automating your padel courts can significantly increase your revenue, and Resasports makes this possible. What sets us apart from other padel court automation programs is that we offer a complete club management solution, where automation is just one part of everything you can manage and automate with Resasports.

User management, bookings, courses, billing, additional services, entries… endless possibilities for your centre to enhance the user experience and increase the profitability of your club.

If you’ve made it this far, you can’t leave without requesting a full study on how Resasports can adapt to your specific padel courts, by one of our team members. One minute of your time can take your padel club to the next level. Fill out the form and book your study appointment.

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