Outperform the competition by managing your sports centre well

Feb 13, 2023 | Sports management

Sports centres belong to a sector in which there is strong competition. It is clear that if you want to stand out you have to be different. But that is not all. The customer must notice that difference and value it as something positive. That’s why you should use specific strategies to add value, but don’t you know how to do it? we give you 4 practical tips!

4 practical strategies to help your sports centre outperform the competition

1. Talk with the users of your sports centre

After all, they are the ones who know the centre best and will be able to guide you on the changes you need to make to your gym. By knowing their level of satisfaction and their ratings, you will know what your centre’s strengths and weaknesses are and you will be able to create strategies that really work. Resawod tip: Opportunities are often missed because internal mistakes are not recognised.

*The clients of a sports centre are the most important part of the business, that’s why this article is of interest to you: What do clients value most in a gym?

2. Give importance to the presence of your sports centre on social networks

Nowadays, if you are not on the internet, you do not exist. Therefore, consider opening an account in those social networks where your target audience is. Upload content that interests them, read their opinions and create a loyal community on social networks. This is the best marketing strategy you can have and you have it in the palm of your hand. wink

3. Offer a service in your sports centre that your competitors don’t have

Offering new classes or dedicating a space in your sports centre for users to relax and comment on the training are two key ideas that can increase the success of your sports centre.

Give your users something unique that your competitors can’t give them. New schedules, rewards, personalised training, health talks and workshops, etc. Keep in mind that the best advertising is done by satisfied customers.

*In order to differentiate yourself, you need to keep up to date with what’s new in the world of fitness. This will interest you: 10 New trends in the world of fitness and gyms.

4. Use a management software to keep your sports centre under control

This tool will become your best friend. The daily management of a sports centre is often tedious and complicated to process: bookings, invoicing, user BBSS, accounting, statistics, access control, etc. If you use a programme that facilitates these tasks and makes your users more autonomous, you will be able to dedicate more time to the real priorities.  

Extra tip: Offer added value to the users of your sports centre

The competition in the sector is a high-level test, but it can be overcome. Who said fear? Without irony, it is time for heroes and heroines. From the managers, managers and directors of large sports centres to the owners of small gyms. The time has come to take action, and the key is management from leadership.

To achieve this, it is necessary to establish strategies and set objectives. Strategies both to attract customers and to retain existing ones. Even more so in the case of gyms and sports centres, where a large part of the users are seasonal.

One strategy that is not given the place it deserves is strategies to bring added value to users. It doesn’t have to be a big action, sometimes it is enough to spend time getting to know the users and make them feel part of a community.


What do we mean by all this? That good management of a sports centre starts by analysing the competition. Looking at what others are doing serves to get inspiration and see what things you can do better than them and get ahead of them.

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